What does youth4planet do?

Youth4planet makes young people strong for change.
Youth4planet sharpens its perception for the Earth and supports them in telling stories using films and social media.
Youth4planet encourages young people to act creatively and to find solutions for a peaceful future together. Through their digital networks they learn to overcome boundaries and face the challenges courageously and awake.

How will we do this?

In “SciencePowerLabs”, we want to attract young people of different age groups, backgrounds and pre-education in order to deal constructively with climate change and to show how they themselves can be effective.
The research process, in which everyone can think and contribute to success, employs the mobile phone as a creative and communication tool for learning and change.


youth4planet on TV

youth4planet will be on German TV twice in the coming weeks: On 30 September KiKa (Germany’s largest public TV station for children and youth) will broadcast “Youth4planet-wir alle sind Zukunftsmacher!” (“youth4planet – we’re all making the future”) as part of the programme “Erde an Zukunft” (“Earth to Future”. And on 2 October public channel WDR […]

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