About the project

What does youth4planet do?

Youth4planet makes young people strong for change. Youth4planet sharpens its perception for the Earth and supports them in telling stories using films and social media. Youth4planet encourages young people to act creatively and to find solutions for a peaceful future together. Through their digital networks they learn to overcome boundaries and face the challenges courageously and awake.

What is the mission?

Our aim is to build up a competence network, which is filled with more and more experience and knowledge by the activities of young people. Via mobile phones and apps everyone can work with the material from the competence cloud and realize their own projects. In this way, a whole generation is supported in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals SDG of the UN.

What is the next step?

In “SciencePowerLabs”, we want to attract young people of different age groups, backgrounds and pre-education in order to deal constructively with climate change and to show how they themselves can be effective. The young people should experience themselves as creators of their future, and realize that with the right attitude and the appropriate ideas life on this planet still has a lot to offer. The research process, in which everyone can think and contribute to success, employs the mobile phone as a creative and communication tool for learning and change.

What is the plan?

Youth4planet is active internationally to reach out to young people from all countries and regions. To this end, formats are being developed and tested which include the whole earth: “HabitatStations” are particularly important for the understanding of the earth, and selected young people invite stories from the web of life, e.g. From the rain forest, from the Arctic or the oceans, in “Habitat Hubs” e.g. In museums, everyone can experience these stories on virtual nature explorations with the whole group and pass them on enriched by their own thoughts. “DesignPowerLabs” provide young people with a framework for creatively developing solutions. With the “StoriesOfChange” the stories are finally distributed.